The Mission Ranks

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The Mission Ranks

Post by Leontk on Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:04 pm

if you want the ranks most updated version is at the mission section(Mission HQ) heres what i updated it might not be the most updated one but its enough

first off you start as a Academy student with an option to do only D-rank missions
after 2 D-ranks you get to be Genin
after 8 D-rank missions you get to enter The Chunnin Exam(More IN another topic)
After you get the rank of chunnin
you can do D and C ranked missions
after 10 D-rank missions and 15 C-Rank Mission You Get special jonnin Rank
Than you can do B-Rank as well and D rank no more
after another 50 c-rank missions(if its too much go disccuse about it at the RPG-CHAMBER)
and 15 B-rank you get the rank of jonnin
if you are jonin you get to lose the C-Rank missions
in order to continue you must do 5 A-rank
and 30 B-Rank
you become ANBU you than lose B-rank
you now have to do
30 A-Rank missions
from here on you become a ROOT An
also now you get all the missions availeble again(S-Rank Comes Later)
now to continue you must do 100 D-Rank
25 B-rank
and 10 A-rank
TO BECOME Hunter Nin
same as anbu just more skilled
after this you get back to A and B only
you become A kage lvl nin after you do 100 of both A AND B
from here you start off as a new nin closing in on Kage(whitch there are only five)
from here you have the next ranks:
D-Rank first rank must do 100 D-Rank missions to continue
C-Rank second rank must do 100 C-Rank missions to continue
B-rank same as allways just with B-Rank missions
A-rank same with A-ranks
S-Rank here you must continue only with a S-Rank mission
meaning you start this mission and if you fail you start again from academy student with a new char
if you succed you get to be a kage of whatever country you want(5 only)
*updating more later*

this is whats writen there

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